Stevie Caldarola is an avid listener who crafts ideas into innovative solutions.

Hi! I’m Red (a nickname given to me by my dad because of my auburn hair), but you can call me Stevie (most people do). I was the kid that asked why the sky is blue and put together science kits. I am passionate about sparking conversations and encouraging engagement and community.
I am a:
  • Maker
  • Art Director
  • Designer
  • WordPress Dev/Designer
  • Partnership Creator

Curiosity, collaboration, and storytelling are at the heart of what I do.

My philosophy is that there should be some fun in everything that you do. Whenever music is played, I get the urge to dance. I enjoy tinkering, asking why, solving puzzles, hands on projects, volleyball, playing guitar, hand lettering, reading, and laughing. I am owned by my cat, Colfax, who thinks he’s a dog.

As an experienced graphic designer with thirst to build innovative solutions, I’m seeking a challenging position in an environment that fosters imaginative thinking. I live to design clean, smart, and effective work specializing in marketing materials, branding, editorial design, and environmental design. Obsessed with font-faces and typography, I’m currently turning that passion into developing hand lettering and letterpress skills. I bring a well-rounded background in design (digital and print), photography, creative direction, marketing strategy, business development, and management, resulting in business-driving and eye-catching storytelling through design.

The collaborative creative process is a part of my everyday being. I thrive on being busy, working with others, sharing ideas, solving problems, creating and growing. To me, coming up with new and different ways to engage people is just like completing the the Sunday crossword: challenging, sometimes frustrating, and always rewarding. I’m always asking questions to understand why people are who they are and do what they do, which helps me to better understand audiences and informs my design process.

I’ve worked with companies to help develop print and digital materials, streamline systems, and create the voice of the company, which I then use to create opportunities for client engagement.


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