Bursting Into 2014

Bursting Into 2014 Graphic Design by BasicallyRed (Stevie Caldarola)

When we left 2012 to venture into a new year, 2013 was going to be “The Year” for me. I had a new, more powerful position at my day job, I was in talks for some major positive personal changes, and I had plans to push forward with my work on BasicallyRed. 

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2013, instead, was a trying year full of job shenanigans that put me in a personal place that I’ve never been before. Don’t get me wrong- it was an amazing year full of growth, experiences, and fun, but it has also been a big beast of frustration. I gained so many wonderful things while shedding some bad (and good) along the way.

Thank you to those who have given me opportunities and support throughout this strange and exciting year. Thank you to those who have been the sounding boards and sherpas keeping me on track. Thank you for actually taking the time to read this.

Tonight, I raise my glass to a new year filled with possibilities in the hope that we all will be more successful at chasing our goals. Because, no matter how good or bad, frustrating or “successful” a year has been, it never hurts to aim higher and hope for more. Cheers, 2013, you sly dog you.

2014- it’s your show now.



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December 31, 2013

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