The Child of Fleeting Time

Sometimes, one helps build LED screens for art installations...

A post shared by Stevie Caldarola (@basicallyred) on


A post shared by Stevie Caldarola (@basicallyred) on

For this project, I was hired to help with the fabrication of the LED screen. I spent many hours pushing LEDs through individual holes, using silicone caulk to seal metal screens on the holes that allow the fans to cool the LEDs, and, my favorite part of my contribution – wiring the data cables.

Here’s a description from Re:Engineering, the company I worked for, of the project:

“…the project we engineered for Kyungmi Shin. That Child of Fleeting Time, can be found in front of the new @netflix production offices at @sunsetbronson studios on Sunset Blvd.”

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