Kataluma Chai


Client: Kataluma Chai
Redesign of logo for a Colorado-based chai tea shop that’s full of homey personality and charm.


Created: September 2015
Industry: Food & Beverage
Project Duties: Logo Design


Objective: The owner of Kataluma Chai, Mailie Medina, wanted to keep the same aesthetic as the clipart graphic that was being used as the company’s logo, but to update it. She wanted a more sleek, modern version of the teacup image, and to add in some warm color that reflected the new store’s inviting color palette.


Old Kataluma Chai Logo

Old Logo

Kataluma Chai Logo Design by BasicallyRed, Stevie Caldarola

New Logo

Kataluma Chai Logo by BasicallyRed



How fun is that?!

Logo created in Illustrator.

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