Top Dog Recruiting, LLC


Client: Top Dog Recruiting, LLC
Professional and polished with a hint of fun.

Created: 2015
Industry: Recruiting for Fortune 500 companies
Project Duties: Logo Design, Branding

Objective: Chris Shoulet contacted me because she needed to develop a professional logo for her company. Previously, she had been using a clip art dog with the name of her company typed out next to it. While she liked the look of her dog, she wanted something a less generic and with a bit more punch.

There was no real branding or color scheme in place for the business. Chris knew that she wanted to stick with blues and maybe a pop of some other color. She wanted clean and professional, and cited Google, Microsoft and Firefox as her inspirations. In her words:

“The logo has to represent us as serious, polished, highly professional and a company that literally places the highest level of executives out there.”

Top Dog Recruiting Logo by BasicallyRed

I decided on the navy blue and orange, as well as a monochrome version that replaces the orange with a lighter blue.

Chris and I then discussed the dog profile – at one point, I suggested that we use a pointer in allusion to the recruiting aspect of the company, but we thought the hunting reference may get in the way of what we were really trying to say. We also discussed doggy non-verbal communication – a tail pointing down symbolizes mistrust. In the end, we decided to move forward with the lab profile similar to what Chris was already using- stoic, tail up (loyal), ready stance, direct eye contact (trustworthy).  I faced the dog to the right to symbolize movement forward and create better flow.

To dress the logo up (literally), I added the tie. The simple addition added some whimsy to the logo while still holding on to the cleanliness and professionalism that Chris really wanted.





“Working with Stevie has been one of the best professional experiences I’ve had in over 25 years! Her consultative approach is second to none! She really understands your business, your goals and objectives, and asks all the right questions and comes back with EXACTLY what you want, even if you don’t know what you want! She has an exceptional gift for being able to delivery outstanding (and I mean OUTSTANDING!) service and products that stand head and shoulders above others that I’ve worked with throughout the years with any of my companies! She has a great sense of humor, she’s highly polished and professional, but totally down to earth, and one of the best humans you could ever work with. And after 20 years of logos, collateral, websites and graphics that have been so so.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE .. LOVE … LOVE the work that Stevie has done for me! We have been getting compliments all day long on our new logo! And I can’t wait to get the new website launched! If you are looking for someone who really understands your business and your graphic needs and business goals and objectives and produce Far SUPERIOR products than anyone else.. Stevie is who you need to be talking to! Whether you know exactly what you want, or you need someone to help guide you through your process, Stevie and Basically Red stand far above the rest… You need to be talking to Stevie!!! THANK YOU!!!”

~Chris Shoulet, Top Dog Recruiting, LLC.


Monochrome Logo

Monochrome Logo

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