Spatial Corp Product Branding



Client: Spatial Corporation
Branding strategy for the full product line for a company out of Broomfield, Colorado that develops 3D application software development kits.


Created: October 2019
Industry: SaaS
Project Duties: Branding


Objective: Spatial has a line of about 12 different software component products. These products end up being a part of a bigger whole – their clients reference the components as a part of their own 3D software application.


Spatial components can be used in groupings as needed for each individual client. As such, we wanted to represent each component as it’s own “molecule” – a building block of a larger entity. Bonded together (through coding), these molecules become part of atoms which make up the parts of a being (the customer’s application). 


Product Molecules

Atom Examples:

Further Brand Development

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