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This latest project was a big one for me: after getting an overall concept from Sarah Maria Murdock and Alli McPhail on what they wanted for their website, I was put in charge of designing and coding the site from scratch. This is the WordPress based result.SarcasticTimes

Sarah and Alli wanted a simplistic site that featured Polaroid-type photos for the navigation links. The white borders on these images are actually created through the stylesheet using CSS. This styling is also utilized for the sidebar navigation throughout the rest of the website, but with thumbnail-sized photos.

Sarcastic Times Post

This site brought up a lot of challenges in general, but the greatest challenge that arose was that the site was hacked halfway through the creation process. Honestly, I don’t understand what the point is in hacking a site that isn’t even active, but all of my data was erased. It turns out that the current version of WordPress at that time was incredibly hackable. So, even once I had changed all the passwords and reloaded all of my backed-up information, I basically had to start from scratch due to the updates from WordPress. As much as this was a challenge, it was a blessing in disguise, at it really threw me headfirst into solving issues and learning even more about proper coding processes.

Big thanks to Sarah Maria and Alli and best of luck to you both on the launch of your new website! Please visit SarcasticTimes and check out the fun content these lovely ladies are posting.


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September 11, 2013

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