Hi! I’m Red!

but you can call me Stevie
(most people do).

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Basically, I’m Red.

Avid Listener | Green Witch and Crafter  | Loud Laugher
Since I was a wee Stevie, my dad has called me Red due to my auburn hair. This, plus the fact that I said “Basically” often in middle school, prompted my first ever AOL screen name, (that’s right, Instant Messenger, baby!) BasicallyRedJust as technology graduated past AIM, BasicallyRed has graduated into the name of this company.


I was the kid that asked why the sky is blue and put together science kits. Now, I am passionate about sparking conversations and encouraging engagement and community.


My philosophy is that there should be some fun in everything that you do. Whenever music is played, I get the urge to dance. Currently, I’m learning the art of herbalism. I enjoy tinkering, asking why, solving puzzles, hands on projects, volleyball, playing guitar, hand lettering, reading, and laughing. I am owned by my cat, Felix (aka Colfax 2), who thinks he’s a dog.

"Stevie has a great sense of humor, she's highly polished and professional, but totally down to earth, and one of the best humans you could ever work with. "

Chris Shoulet – CEO, Top Dog Recruiting

Stevie worked with us for a year and during that time skillfully managed our social media, including technical and creative elements of our website. She was instrumental in a number of improvements in our communication. Stevie is quick, creative and self motivated and managed.

Hilary Blair – CEO, ARTiculate: Real & Clear

"Stevie is a marketing overachiever. She is one of the rare marketing professionals I was lucky to work with who combines the right balance of creativity, execution, project management and leadership. From a complete visual rebranding of our product portfolio to an entire revamping of our web site, Stevie has demonstrated strategic thinking, while getting the projects to completion and success. In addition, I have been impressed by her capability to drive vendors and get them to align with our strategy and to provide the expected deliverables. "

Omar Soubra – Director of Marketing, Spatial Corporation

"Stevie is one of the most professional marketing staff I have had the privilege of working with in my 10+ years of product management and marketing in major engineering firms. She did an exceptional job to articulate complex technical stories and to support a wide variety of marketing responsibilities in a small team with limited resources. She worked directly with product management and the executive team regularly and I admire her organization, attention to detail and the way she energetically contributed without complaint. Positive & Professional!"

Sarah Palfreyman – Product Manager, Spatial Corporation

"Stevie really understands your business, your goals and objectives, and asks all the right questions and comes back with EXACTLY what you want, even if you don't know what you want! She has an exceptional gift for being able to deliver outstanding (and I mean OUTSTANDING!) service and products that stand head and shoulders above others that I've worked with throughout the years with any of my companies! "

Chris Shoulet – CEO, Top Dog Recruiting

Let’s Work Together

I work under the belief that your business is an extension of who you are and what you believe in. The only way to really connect with your potential audience/customers/clients/homeslices is to truly believe in what you are putting out into the world.

If that speaks to you, here’s what we do:

  1. You contact me (there’s a convenient form just below this!) to let me know what services you need.
  2. We’ll set up some way for me to ask you questions regarding your business, your needs, and about you.
  3. From that, I’ll send you a proposal and we’re off on an adventure together!

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you create this website?

If I told you… you’d have to buy me a cup of coffee!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spare time? Is that a thing? Just kidding, sort of… When I need a release, I love to hit the dance floor. 

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